The Organising Committee requires you to use the online entry system (SDP) of the ICF to submit nominal entries. It can be reached at::

The deadlines for submitting nominal entries: 10th of May in Paracanoe and 18th of May, 2017 for the rest.


22nd of May (Monday)

07:00 Access period begins
08:30-18:30 Paracanoe classification

23nd of May (Tuesday)

08:30-18:30 Paracanoe classification

24nd of May (Wednesday)

09:00-12:00 Official training times
15:00-18:00 Official training times

25th of May (Thursday)

09:00 Team Leaders’ meeting
10:30 ITOs’ meeting
14:00 Paracanoe competition

26th-28th May (Friday-Sunday)

All day Competition
End of the 3rd day Closing Ceremony

29th of May (Monday)

Evening Access period ends

List of events


K1 200m; 500m; 1000m
K2 200m; 500m
K4 500m
C1 200m; 500m
C2 200m; 500m
K1 200m (Paracanoe – KL1, KL2, KL3)
V1 200m (Paracanoe – VL1, VL2, VL3)


K1 200m; 500m, 1000m
K2 500m; 1000m
K4 500m
C1 200m; 1000m
C2 500m; 1000m
K1 200m (Paracanoe – KL1, KL2, KL3)
V1 200m (Paracanoe – VL1, VL2, VL3)

Mixed team relay

K1 3000m
C1 3000m


From Budapest take the M5 highway and use exit #166 (Szeged nyugat, Baja). At the stop sign turn left towards Szeged. After 4km of going straight you'll reach the first roundabout. Take the first exit and follow the signs to your parking lot. The daily parking fee for spectators is 1000 HUF (about 3 Euros) and you can only pay cash.


The accreditation period has already started and it lasts until the 23rd of May. Please click the following link to visit the media accreditation site:

Upon the approval of your accreditation request you will receive the media guide in email which aims to be a useful tool to assist your work covering the World Cup. The ICF and the organising committee reserves the right to deny accreditation requests at their own discretion.