Szeged is back! At the end of the 3-year old hiatus from the ICF Canoe Sprint circuit we are back on track to host the 2nd edition of the World Cup series in 2017. Don’t forget that Szeged has its own little series embedded in the multitude of international canoe sprint races of the upcoming Olympic cycle with two World Cups (in 2017 and 2018) leading up to the World Championships in 2019 which will be the main qualification event for Tokyo 2020. Having staged highly acclaimed World Championships and World Cups over the last two decades the Hungarian Canoe Federation is eager to welcome the best paddlers of sprint kayaking and canoeing at the very prestigious, internationally renowned Maty-ér Regatta Course.

On these pages, we intend to sum up all the necessary information that may guide you and your team on the way to Szeged. Apart from the general introduction of the city and the regatta course the most vital and useful bits of information on the competition, participation, boat rental, visa issuance, board, lodging and training camp opportunities can also be found here. So, without much ado we would just like to say that the Hungarian Canoe Federation would be thrilled to have you in Szeged in order to take part in the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup between the 25th and the 28th of May, 2017.


Chairman SCHMIDT, Gábor
Technical Organiser VÉKÁSSY, Bálint
Head of Technical Operations SZTAICS, István
Head of OC BERÉNYI, Péter
Director of Supporting Services SZOVICS, Zoltán
Head of IT KÁRPÁTI, Zoltán
Head of Accreditation KRAMMER, László
Accommodation/Catering VARGA, Tamás
Official Hotels Liaison VÉKÁSSY, Zsuzsanna
Logistics and Transportation ÁBRAHÁM, Csaba
International Affairs, VIP KOVÁCSNÉ DIENES, Emőke
Media Officer/Chief of Press BALOGH, Péter Dávid
Marketing SZABÓ, Szilvia
Ceremonies/Doping Control KOVÁCS, Orsolya


The 2,400-metre long, 122-metre wide regatta course is located two kilometres south of Szeged. Being an artificial course, hydro dynamism is not an issue here and it is quite well sheltered from strong winds as well. It is equipped with Albano system and has nine lanes along with a separate warm-up line. There will be electric time keeping with photo finish camera and video recording. Automatic starting system will be used for the start. The facility fully meets the ICF requirements.


Entitled as the capital of sprint canoeing Szeged is the seat of Csongrád county and the fourth largest city in Hungary. It is situated near the southeaster border of Hungary right by the Tisza River. A large part of the town lies on the right bank while Újszeged (New Szeged) a suburban district of residential homes and parks is on the left bank of the Tisza. Szeged is the cultural and economic centre of South-Eastern Hungary and a thriving university town which is also famous for its open-air theatre. The city centre is marked by the medieval Tower of St. Demetrius and the stately twin spires of the Votive Church. This cathedral was built in the first decades of the 20th century to commemorate the revival of the city after the devastating flood of the river in 1879. By Hungarian standards, Szeged is a large city, with a population of 177,000. The climate is very favourable of canoeing; the annual mean temperature being about 11 °C (52F), somewhat higher than in the rest of the country. Szeged is sometimes called the City of Sunshine as there is an average of 2,000 hours of sunshine annually.